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Small Batch Veggie Lasagna

Small Batch Veggie Lasagna - Alison's AllspiceBack when I posted my Lentil Loaf recipe I told you all that meatloaf was a favorite food of mine as a child.  Well, my other favorite food was lasagna.  Mom would always ask us what meal we wanted to have for our birthdays, and I always chose lasagna.  Now I make a veggie version, and I love this small batch veggie lasagna because it only makes 4 servings.  With only two of us in the house, we don’t have to eat lasagna until we are tired of it! Continue reading

Zucchini Corn and Bean Enchiladas

Zucchini Corn and Bean EnchiladasHappy New Year everyone!  This is my first post of the new year, and I’m so excited to share my plans for the year.  As I shared in my best of 2016 post, I recently made a move into a house where I have lots of space.  Now that I have space, I’m very excited to be able to establish a large garden.   Last year I joined a CSA because I knew I wouldn’t get a garden planted in time.  I did get to grow a few plants, but this year I want to see the garden expand with lots of vegetables, including some spring and fall crops.  One of my favorite veggies to grow is zucchini, which is the inspiration for today’s recipe.  Zucchini corn and bean enchiladas are simple and easy, especially if you have zucchini growing in your garden. Continue reading

Grilled Zucchini Black Bean and Corn Tacos

Grilled Zucchini Black Bean and Corn TacosTacos have always been a food staple of mine.  Before I started blogging, tacos only came in one form, traditional.  The kind with a classical taco seasoning.  This Lentil Pecan Taco is my current day version of that traditional taco.  After watching many other fantastic bloggers play with the idea of what a taco should be, I have ventured out and found many more uses for tacos.  This grilled zucchini black bean and corn tacos recipe is a summertime favorite! Continue reading

Zucchini Burgers with Quick Pickles

Zucchini Burgers with Quick Pickles 2Right now I have a large bowl of zucchini, summer squash, eggplant, and cucumber sitting in my kitchen.  It’s a true sign of summer.  Ample fresh produce requires me to be on my toes with recipe ideas, so that none of it will go to waste. The best recipe will use multiple pieces of produce, two birds one stone kind-of thing.   This Zucchini Burgers with Quick Pickles recipe was delicious, simple and the burgers freeze well so you can make extra for later! Continue reading

Enchilada Zucchini Boats

Vegetarian Enchilada Zucchini BoatsEven though it seems early in the season, the farmers market has had zucchinis for weeks now!  I finally picked up a few to whip up this delicious enchilada zucchini boats recipe.  This dish is a great way to get lots of veggies, and is still a balanced meal full of rice, beans, and flavor!   Continue reading

Summer Roasted Vegetables

I know I said that I was going to embrace fall.  Yet here I am posting about summer vegetables…still.  At the farmers market this morning there were still so many yummy summer vegetables to enjoy, I couldn’t help myself!  There were a few butternut squash, but I have all winter to enjoy the long lasting squash (which is another great vegetable to roast, by the way).  So there you have it, summer roasted veggies with my special seasoning blend!

Roasted Vegetables

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Whole Wheat Chocolate Zucchini Muffins

I wasn’t kidding the other day when I said I was trying to get my fill of zucchini before the season is over.  I’m even putting it in my desserts!  Ha!  If you have never tried zucchini in a baked good, like zucchini bread, or these chocolate muffins, you’re missing out.   The zucchini keeps these muffins moist, which is important to consider when baking with whole wheat flour.

Whole wheat zucchini muffins

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Squash Ribbons with Cheese Ravioli

I am trying to savor all the zucchini and summer squash I can right now because I know the season will be behind us soon.  These quick growing squash varieties are my favorite kinds of squash.  I love the fresh mild flavor and their versatility; you can put them in with almost anything!

Ravioli with squash ribbons

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Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalya

I have been cranking out New Orleans style cuisine like mad recently.  Cajun and creole foods are my favorites.  Cajun and creole are both cuisine styles that originate from French settlers of Louisiana.  I have always thought of them as one in the same, so today i did a little research to discover the difference.  Here is a quick breakdown: Continue reading

Grilled Zucchini Sandwiches

Happy 4th of July!  This Independence Day don’t leave your vegetarian friends out of your menu planning.  This sandwich is simple enough that it can be prepared in your backyard, or a gathering at the park. Enjoy it while celebrating our country’s independence, watching fireworks, and of course, grilling!



Quality ingredients are what shine through in this dish.  Crusty caibatta bread (pictured below right) makes a ideal delivery system for perfectly grilled veggies. My veggies of choice are zucchini and mushrooms. Use a grill topper to keep veggies from slipping through the grill rack, like I did with my mushrooms (pictured right).  Additional veggies are also great to much on while you grill, like the stray carrot that I hadn’t eat yet before this photo was snapped.    Play around with your vegetables of choice, or if hosting a party, have multiple options available for guests to choose from.

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