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Chipotle Baked Fish Tacos with Pico Slaw

Chipotle Baked Fish Tacos with Pico Slaw by Alison's AllspiceAs a pescatarian, I eat lots and lots of vegetarian meals, with a few fish or seafood meals thrown in for good measure.  I am weird and LOVE eating fish.  At home, we eat it about once a week.  This being said, can you believe that I haven’t posted a fish recipe since I posted Smoked Trout Fish Cakes in October???  Crazy, I know.  Well I’ve got a few more coming your way.  I have been working on fish tacos recently, and this chipotle baked fish tacos with pico slaw is definitely a fun ad healthy way to enjoy some fish! Continue reading

Two Potato Hash with Mushrooms and Fried Eggs

Two potato hash with mushrooms and fried eggs by Alison's AllspiceWhen my friends and family gather for fishing trips, you can always count on two things – awesome breakfast and a good time!  When we are preparing to stand out on the river all day and haul in monster fish, we need to be well fueled. There is not better way to prepare for the day than a good breakfast. We love this two potato hash with mushrooms and fried eggs.   Continue reading

Super Fast Vegetarian White Chili

Super fast Vegetarian White ChiliThe first time I had white chili, I was being a judge in a chili cook off.  I was in love from first bite!  White chili doesn’t have the typical flavors of chili that use things like chili powder. Instead the green chili flavor is strong, which I love. This super fast vegetarian white chili recipe is quicker to make than most chili recipes.  This recipe uses store bought salsa, making it really fast to throw together, which is always a plus! Continue reading

Smoked Jalapenos in Carolina Mop Sauce

Smoked Jalapenos in Carolina Mop SauceIf you have been a reader for very long, you have probably picked up on the fact that I love to eat smoked foods.  Which is sort-of different for someone that doesn’t eat meat (besides fish anyway).  I put this smoked tofu recipe into lots of dishes.  I love smoked trout, and use it in everything from salads, dip, sushi, and savory pancakes.  Well, here is another food I like to put on the smoker.  Smoked Jalapenos in Carolina Mop Sauce will blow your socks off! Continue reading

Southwest Baked Egg Rolls

Baked SW Eggrolls5If you thought egg rolls were for cabbage only, you were wrong!  These egg rolls are packed full of veggies, and given a little cheese to balance.  Oven baking these egg rolls makes them light and easy to prepare, as well.  Southwest baked egg rolls make the regular rotation at my house! Continue reading

Summer Roasted Vegetables

I know I said that I was going to embrace fall.  Yet here I am posting about summer vegetables…still.  At the farmers market this morning there were still so many yummy summer vegetables to enjoy, I couldn’t help myself!  There were a few butternut squash, but I have all winter to enjoy the long lasting squash (which is another great vegetable to roast, by the way).  So there you have it, summer roasted veggies with my special seasoning blend!

Roasted Vegetables

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Three Bean Chili

Last week I was all about savoring summer.  I even picked up a few zucchinis at the farmers market this weekend because I don’t want to let go!  I finally have realized however, that I must embrace fall because those bone chilling days of winter will come shortly after.  Nothing says fall to me like chili.  This chili recipe is great for this time of year when you can still get locally grown peppers.

Three bean chili with cheddar Continue reading

Southwest Summer Squash Gratin

Summer squash is almost gone for the season.  Sigh. Depending on where you live you might be able to find some last of the season fruits to enjoy in this dish!  Buttery summer squash makes an excellent gratin.  I jazzed this southwest summer squash gratin up by adding jalapeno and sweet corn.  A little spicy and sweet balance nicely and add something special to this gratin.

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Homemade Dill Pickles with Jalapenos

Pickles are a favorite snack of mine.  They are crunchy, briny and full of flavor, but light and not calorie ridden.  Its funny to me that pickled cucumbers are known as pickles, because you can pickle just about any vegetable.  I love to pickle peppers, asparagus, and okra! Try these homemade dill pickles with jalapenos!

Homemade dill pickles with jalapenos

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Trout Etoufee

This recipe has been an Alison classic for a long time.  I have shared it with many friends and family and it is time that it comes to the blog.  I love Cajun food.  It is a passion of mine to create recipes for Cajun dishes.  Etoufee is a classic Cajun dish and this recipe is made with trout!

Trout Etoufee2

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