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Louisiana Style Shrimp Gumbo

Louisiana Style Shrimp Gumbo with OkraIt is finally Friday.  Are you all looking forward to the weekend?  Of course you are!  The weekend is the time period where we can catch up on life and have some extra time for ourselves.  Time for myself is usually spend in the garden or the kitchen.  Cooking is a great way for me to clear my head and spend some time thinking of nothing else but the process and the ingredients.  This Louisiana style shrimp gumbo recipe is great for a weekend when you have a little more time to  relax while you cook. Plus there are plenty of leftovers to eat during the busy week!   Continue reading

Shrimp Po’ Boys with Zingy Slaw

Shrimp Po' Boys with Zingy Slaw on French BreadIt’s time for Po’Boys my friends!  The Po’Boy is a Louisiana style sub sandwich that can be as creative as you are.  Po’boys got there name from a restaurant in New Orleans during a local factory strike.  The restaurant served free sandwiches to the “poor boys” that were on strike.  My shrimp po’ boys with zingy slaw is a traditional take on the sandwich, having fried seafood and dressed with coleslaw! Continue reading

Black and Blue Veggie Burger

Black and blue is a flavor combination that is hard to beat!  Tangy blue cheese and spicy blackening season complement each other so well, it is a classic combination.  Before I started to focus on whole foods, I would put blackening seasoning and blue cheese on frozen burgers.  This homemade black and blue veggie burger is so much better, and better for you!Black and Blue Veggie Burger Continue reading

Trout Etoufee

This recipe has been an Alison classic for a long time.  I have shared it with many friends and family and it is time that it comes to the blog.  I love Cajun food.  It is a passion of mine to create recipes for Cajun dishes.  Etoufee is a classic Cajun dish and this recipe is made with trout!

Trout Etoufee2

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Vegetarian Jambalaya

Vegetarian Jambalya

I have been cranking out New Orleans style cuisine like mad recently.  Cajun and creole foods are my favorites.  Cajun and creole are both cuisine styles that originate from French settlers of Louisiana.  I have always thought of them as one in the same, so today i did a little research to discover the difference.  Here is a quick breakdown: Continue reading

Red Beans and Rice

I love spicy food!  Cajun flavors are always a favorite, but they rarely come vegetarian.  I have adapted this red beans and rice recipe to include all the spicy and smokey flavors, without the associated sausage.

A_Veggie merge

This recipe is made in the slow cooker, making it a summertime favorite.  When standing around the hot stove or oven isn’t cutting it anymore, break out the slow cooker!  I have a small slow cooker (1.5 quarts), which is perfect for two people.  You can double the recipe for a larger slow cooker and have enough for a crowd!


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