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Peach Basil Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle

Peach Basil Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle by Alison's AllspiceThis pizza is one of my favorites.  Pizza is on regular rotation at my house, and it is always something special, like this peach basil pizza with balsamic drizzle.  It is loaded with fresh summer flavors; we simply can’t get enough!  I love to incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients on pizza.  The peach is juicy and along with the balsamic drizzle, there is plenty of moisture so you don’t need any sauce.  Top with melty cheese and some fresh herbs, you’ll be eating it all summer long! Continue reading

Heirloom Cherry Tomato Balsamic Jam

Heirloom Cherry Tomato Balsamic Jam by Alison's AllspiceI started most of my garden plants from seed this year.  The cherry tomatoes have been the most interesting to see mature.  They were an heirloom variety, but for some reason I expected that they would still be cherry red.  If have two plants, one produces purple tomatoes, and the other gold!  Surprise!  The tomatoes have still been a delicious treat this summer, and I especially love them in this heirloom cherry tomato balsamic jam! Continue reading

Simple Mediterranean Kale Salad with Golden Balsamic Vinaigrette

Simple Mediterranean Kale Salad By Alison's AllspiceIf you have followed the blog for very long, you might know by now that I eat soups during the winter, and salads during the summer.  I don’t post as many of my salad recipes because I tend to make them quickly when I don’t have time for anything else, including a photo session.  This spring and summer, I am hoping to change that, bringing you lots more fresh salads!  Today I am sharing my simple Mediterranean kale salad. Continue reading

Asparagus Tomato Tart

Asparagus and Tomato Tart

Asparagus season is the best time of year!  I grew up picking asparagus at a localAlison's AllspiceAsparagusMini-Series2016
farm, and now I relish the opportunity to have fresh picked asparagus.  The season to get fresh picked asparagus is short.  In honor of this delicious spring-time vegetable, I am going to start a mini-series of asparagus recipes for you all to enjoy!  The first of the series will be an asparagus tomato tart.
Continue reading

Seitan Skewers with Blueberry Balsamic Relish

So, what is seitan you ask?  Great question!   Pronounced satan, it is a vegetarian meat substitute made from wheat gluten, commonly known as the wheat meat.  It can easily be found at health food stores, or you can make it at home.  There are numerous seitan recipes out there with various results.  It all depends on the cooking method and the desired texture.  Someday I will make a post all about cooking seitan, but today we are looking at these skewers with blueberry balsamic relish!

Serve with CornBlueberry Balsamic Salsa Continue reading

Peach Pizza with Blue Cheese and Balsamic Drizzle

Peach pizza with blue cheese and balsamic drizzle

This recipe is a very different twist on pizza.  Fresh peaches make it a summertime classic.  Blue cheese and a balsamic reduction drizzle take this peach pizza over the top!  I remember the first time I saw the idea for this recipe and I couldn’t wait to try!  Find yourself some peaches while they are still in season, you’ll thank me. Continue reading