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Spring Wildflowers By Alison's AllspiceWelcome back for another Fresh Air Friday’s!  Today I want to share with you all my love for spring wildflowers, and even more specifically, woodland ephemerals.  I studied biology in college and had the opportunity to take all kinds of interesting classes.  One class I took covered the ecology and identification of woodland herbaceous plants (everything non-woody).  I was completely inspired by my instructor and remain forever in love with springs first woodland flowers.

Ephemeral means lasting for a short time.  Woodland ephemeral spring wildflowers are those that come up before leaves set on trees.  Their flowers last for a very short time, and the plants recess by the time tree leaves are shading the forest floor.  Woodland ephemerals are taking advantage of the short time when lots of light gets to the forest floor, and it is warm enough to grow.

I encourage you all to get in a few more steps this month and head to the woods looking for flowers!  These spring wildflowers are delicate and tend to grow in undisturbed areas. They last for only a few weeks, so now is the time!  There are many species to look for, and some you might have heard of, like the Jack-in-the Pulpit.  I’m sharing pictures of may apples, red trillium, Dutchmen’s breeches, wild geranium, and trout lilies.

May apples are large and abundant, and lack showy flowers.  Trillium’s are known for their leaves of three.  Watch for white colored trillium’s as well.  Dutchmen’s breeches are named after the shape a the flower, which look like little pants! Wild geranium’s have a lovely pink color.  Finally my favorite is the trout lily.  White trout lily’s can be found widely while yellow trout lily’s are found in south central states of the U.S.  Can you identify the flowers below?

Spring Wildflowers By Alison's AllspiceSpring Wildflowers By Alison's Allspice Spring Wildflowers By Alison's Allspice Spring Wildflowers By Alison's Allspice Spring Wildflowers By Alison's Allspice

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  1. I am enjoying your “Fresh Air Fridays”. Beautiful pictures for today!

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