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Spicy Cilantro Jalapeno Tomato Pizza

Spicy Cilantro Jalapeno Tomato Pizza by Alison's AllspiceHave you ever tried a tomato basil pizza?  Tomato goes so well with herbs, and basil is such a commonly used herb for pizza.  Cilantro, however, is not that common for a pizza topping, but it is one of my favorite herbs. When my garden started producing loads of tasty heirloom tomatoes this summer,  I decided to give cilantro a try on pizza!  This spicy cilantro jalapeno tomato pizza is out of this world! Continue reading

Peach Basil Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle

Peach Basil Pizza with Balsamic Drizzle by Alison's AllspiceThis pizza is one of my favorites.  Pizza is on regular rotation at my house, and it is always something special, like this peach basil pizza with balsamic drizzle.  It is loaded with fresh summer flavors; we simply can’t get enough!  I love to incorporate fresh seasonal ingredients on pizza.  The peach is juicy and along with the balsamic drizzle, there is plenty of moisture so you don’t need any sauce.  Top with melty cheese and some fresh herbs, you’ll be eating it all summer long! Continue reading

Asparagus Artichoke White Pizza

Asparagus Artichoke White Pizza by Alison's AllspiceI first decided to put asparagus on a pizza simply because I already had some in the fridge.  It was going to be a sun-dried tomato, artichoke, and asparagus pizza.   As life goes, that didn’t happen.  I ran out of sauce, so I ended up using my sun-dried tomatoes in my Asparagus Carbonara recipe.   I hit the drawing board again and decided to try the pizza with a simple white sauce.  This Asparagus Artichoke White Pizza is even better than I had imagined, and a great way to wrap up this years Asparagus Mini-Series! Continue reading

Quick Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

Quick Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough by Alison's AllspiceA good pizza dough recipe is a must for any home cook.  Some dough recipes can call for hours to rise, and they are delicious recipes.  However, I don’t have time to make pizza like that often.  I love this quick homemade whole wheat pizza dough because I can make it easily on a weeknight.   Continue reading

Herbed Cherry Tomato Pizza

Herb Cherry Tomato PizzaWelcome back for another recipe, friends!  I haven’t posted in a while because I have been busy with a new job!  I am teaching at a local community college; it is fun and exciting but also very time consuming.  As I settle into my new routine, recipe posts will get more and more frequent.  During this busy time in my life, simple recipes have been a must.  This herbed cherry tomato pizza recipe has been great because I always have pizza crust ingredients on hand, and I am getting tons of cherry tomatoes in my CSA! Continue reading

Pizza Baked Potatoes

Pizza Baked Potatoes

I have a no waste attitude when it comes to food.  I hate throwing out even the littlest bit of food just because it doesn’t have a purpose, or because I think there isn’t enough left to use.  With a little bit of effort and planning you can prevent this kind of waste.  Today’s Pizza Baked Potatoes was created because I had a small amount of pasta sauce that was not going to go down the drain.  The recipe was so good that I made it multiple times and perfected the seasonings, and today I’m sharing it with you! Continue reading

Cilantro Pesto Pizza

Cilantro Pesto Pizza

I didn’t use to like cilantro.  In every bite of a dish utilizing cilantro, all I could ever taste was the cilantro.  It was too strong for me, and still is if I don’t cut up the leaves into tiny little pieces.  I learned to start to like cilantro when I was introduced to the Tandori Naan Pizza’s cilantro pesto pizza with tomatoes.  This recipe is a mimic of that frozen pizza.  I don’t make it on naan bread, and I don’t always add tomatoes, but this recipe still has the punch of flavor that I loved from the frozen pizza! Continue reading

Cracker Crust Pizza

Hello Friends!  This is another recipe fantastic for football season!  Some thin crust pizzas lack in crust texture. You get a slice and it flops in your hand.  The flavor is all there, but that’s just because you have a delivery service for ooey-gooey cheese.  This pizza crust is thin and crispy, the best of both worlds!

Cracker Crust Pizza

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Peach Pizza with Blue Cheese and Balsamic Drizzle

Peach pizza with blue cheese and balsamic drizzle

This recipe is a very different twist on pizza.  Fresh peaches make it a summertime classic.  Blue cheese and a balsamic reduction drizzle take this peach pizza over the top!  I remember the first time I saw the idea for this recipe and I couldn’t wait to try!  Find yourself some peaches while they are still in season, you’ll thank me. Continue reading

Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza

Pizza is an absolute favorite around here, and this pizza explodes with flavor!  We eat this pizza as a once-in-a-while treat because it is definitely a splurge.  A must try if you are a pizza fan, however.  A Chicago-style pizza has the cheese on the bottom and the sauce on the top because it has a long baking time and the sauce on the top prevents the cheese from burning. This layering method works wonders for the flavor as well.   The diced tomato sauce roasts on the top of the pizza, melting the cheese into a gooey center, all held together with a thick crust.  I’m getting hungry just writing about it!

A_prep merge2

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