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Fresh Squeezed Lime Orange Margaritas

Fresh Squeezed Lime Orange Margaritas by Alison's AllspiceToday I am going to tell you to story of a tree.  Way back in my days of graduate school, some friends all went in on a shipment to get some house plants.  As a poor student, I picked something inexpensive that would provide me with food.  Over the last 7 years, her name has become Miss Lime Tree.  She is an indoor/outdoor tree that has produced 5 crops of limes so far.  This year is a record year with 26 limes!  What do you do with that many limes?  Fresh squeezed lime orange margaritas, of course! Continue reading

Rhubarb Lime Sparkling Cocktail

Rhubarb Lime Sparkling Cocktail by Alison's AllspiceThis month, the recipe reduxers were challenged to make cocktails/mocktails!  This recipe challenge was entirely new to me.  I have never designed a drink – not one, not even a smoothie!!  I knew I wanted to use fresh fruit to create a great summertime sipper, so I started by doing my research on how to include it in a drink.  There were 2 obvious options, infuse the fruit in a simple syrup or into the alcohol.  I decided to infuse a simple syrup because it was a shorter and simpler task.  I tried this recipe with both raspberries and rhubarb.  Rhubarb was the clear winner, and the rhubarb lime sparkling cocktail was born! Continue reading