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Greek Yogurt Spelt Flour Pumpkin Bread

Greek Yogurt Spelt Flour Pumpkin Bread by Alison's AllspiceDid you get your fill of all things pumpkin back in October?  I hope not because pumpkin flavors are warming and perfect for Christmas!  This Greek yogurt spelt flour pumpkin bread recipe is moist and fluffy while being rich and flavorful!  If you have never baked with whole grain spelt flour, this recipe is a must try!  Spelt flour is quickly becoming my favorite new flour for whole grain baking! Continue reading

Quick Veggie Pizza Omelet (for Breakfast or Dinner!)

Quick Veggie Pizza Omelet by Alison's AllspiceThis month the recipe redux challenged us to make dinner-inspired dishes for breakfast!  My favorite savory breakfasts always include eggs, like this sweet potato mushroom hash!  I knew I wanted to use eggs in my recipe, but eggs are so versatile!  The recipe ideas were endless! Therefore, I put on my thinking cap and turned to my favorite dinner ideas.  Pizza is always a favorite, and I developed it into a fast protein packed breakfast.  Try my quick veggie pizza omelet for breakfast or for dinner! Continue reading

Cream Cheese Earl Grey Ebelskivers with Blueberries

Cream Cheese Earl Grey Ebelskivers with Blueberries by Alison's AllspiceThis month the recipe redux challenged members to make healthy small bite desserts.  I am not a huge sweets person; I vary rarely make and eat desserts.  As you can see on the Recipes Homepage, I only have 6 desserts posted!  When I started brainstorming this  challenge, I focused on my favorite healthy, small bite meals. Ebelskiver means filled danish pancake; they can be sweet or savory depending on the filling and seasonings used.  For this challenge, I made cream cheese earl grey ebelskivers with blueberries! Continue reading

Two Potato Hash with Mushrooms and Fried Eggs

Two potato hash with mushrooms and fried eggs by Alison's AllspiceWhen my friends and family gather for fishing trips, you can always count on two things – awesome breakfast and a good time!  When we are preparing to stand out on the river all day and haul in monster fish, we need to be well fueled. There is not better way to prepare for the day than a good breakfast. We love this two potato hash with mushrooms and fried eggs.   Continue reading

Grilled Bagels with Dill Cream Cheese Spread

Dilled Cream Cheese Smoked trout grilled baglesThere are some days that are simply meant for grilling.  Those days when you want nothing more than to sit on the patio, sip a cold beverage, and enjoy some time in the sunshine.  You also don’t want to fuss around with lots of prep, so simple is the name of the game.  Try these grilled bagels with dill cream cheese spread.  I top mine with smoked trout to make it even more smokey and filling! Continue reading

Quick Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Quick Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

These quick whole wheat blueberry muffins are my go-to recipe when I need to whip up something for on-the-go!  It is 100% whole grain, which means you know that you’re getting plenty of fiber and nutrients.  I always have frozen berries in the house, which makes this recipe even more simple to make when I need something quick! Continue reading

Apple Cider Breakfast Cake

This cake is an awesome recipe for those busy mornings during the holidays.  You know, when all the family is hanging around, you’re preparing a big meal, and still need to figure some thing out for breakfast the next day?  Well this sweet and delicious cake is easy to make ahead and serve with some coffee or tea for breakfast.

Apple Cider Breakfast Cake

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Cinnamon French Toast with Apples

When the weather starts to get cold, a hot breakfast is a great way to start the day.  I almost always have the ingredients on hand to make french toast, which makes it so easy to whip up.  A friend  just gave me a bag full of fall apples from a local orchard and this recipe is an easy and delicious way to enjoy them!

French Toast with Apples

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Oatmeal Pancakes with Peaches and Ginger

I love this point in the summer, when the farmers market is in full swing and fresh produce is abundant!  I shop at our local farmers market every weekend before I do my regular grocery trip.  That way I can pick up local produce, and plan my meals around what is in season.


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